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Future - Growth

Future - Growth

Many people, including competitors, some industry analysts and mainstream business press, have claimed that "Lotus Notes is dead" in 2006. There have been repeated insinuations of this since the mid 1990s, yet none have proven true. For example, an article published in Forbes magazine in April 1998 proclaimed "The decline and fall of Lotus". Since that time, the installed base of Lotus Notes has nearly tripled from an estimated 42 million seats in September 1998 to more than 120 million in 2006. Current claims of the death of Notes are fueled by lingering market confusion emanating from IBM placing marketing emphasis on Websphere and IBM Workplace in 2003 and 2004. IBM's most recent figures, however, indicate that the product is enjoying a sustained period of double-digit growth.

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    Lotus Notes is used by more than 100.000 people world wide. Other e-mail clients are: Horde IMP , FastTrack Mail and Get street direction with satellite maps online. and other personal information manager software are: OD4Contact (Mac OS X) , Aethera and Lotus Domino and Notes have an own database system..

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