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All and Sent folders - Strange folder behavior

All and Sent folders - Strange folder behavior

Like all popular commercial software packages, it has its detractors as well as supporters. Critics emphasize that there are dedicated email clients that are simpler, more intuitive and have a lower purchase price. Proponents emphasize that richer capabilities and advanced programmability are available, that purchase price is a small fraction of total cost of ownership. There remain subtle irregularities in user interface behaviour and algorithms that continue to earn the client some disdain from many day-to-day users. Common criticisms of the product includes:

The All and Sent folders exhibit some different behaviors than other folders. Namely, you cannot drag email out of them and thereby remove the email from the folders. The email can only be "copied" from them. This is because these two folders are not, in fact, folders at all: they are views. Their membership indexes are maintained according to programmed criteria rather than user interaction (as with a folder). This technical difference is not apparent to most users, and can cause confusion even for those that are experienced with the product. Notes's defenders argue that this particular "difference" does make a kind of sense, however. For example, does an email that is removed from a Sent Mail folder become an email that was never sent? And does an email that is removed from an All folder (as opposed to deleted outright) then become an email that no longer exists? And if not, where do you look for it?

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