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Now you can block viruses at your email gateway along with your spam messages using one solution that is simple to install and manage. SpamSentinel AV effortlessly blocks all known spam and viruses without the need for a separate product.

MayFlower is a Lotus Premium Business Partner that builds anti-spam software solutions for Lotus Notes and Domino. MayFlower's Sentinel Data Integrator was awarded the 1995 Lotus Beacon Award for Best Application Development Tool.

This is based on an OEM partnership with Cloudmark. Cloudmark's award-winning anti-spam and phishing technology is easily integrated into security appliances, anti-virus and desktop applications, mail servers, VPNs, and firewalls to create innovative solutions. Cloudmark's OEM partners benefit from unparalleled accuracy and performance, ease of deployment and maintenance, and a lower total cost of ownership.

SpamSentinel server version for Lotus Domino includes a reporting tool that protects against false positives while freeing up the Notes administrator to do other work. The reports are sent each day to all people who received spam in the previous 24 hours (72 hours on Monday morning). Each user gets a report containing the email date, subject, sender name and a synopsis of the message body without the offensive pictures. If a message looks like a real message, then the user can click on a doclink to view the entire message content in the quarantine database. All messages in the quarantine database contain reader names, so users can see only their own messages. The reporting tool is optional, so you do not have to use it. Many customers find that with almost 0 false positive rate, this tool is unnecessary. Others choose to deploy the reports for selected users, not all users.


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    Previous visitors have searched for information on access domino lotus web, lotus notes program and lotus notes administrator. We do collect this information to update our site to your needs. There are different tools to prevent unwanted mails (spam). Lotus Domino and Notes have an own database system.

    Lotus Notes is used by more than 100.000 people world wide. Other e-mail clients are: Citadel , KMail and KMail and other personal information manager software is: Zimbra.

    End users may call the lotus notes helpdesk about Lotus Notes spam. There are multiple products with enterprise-class spam filter to protect Lotus Domino from spam, phishing attacks, banking fraud and destructive email viruses. This Lotus Domino anti spam is easy to manage with anti spam lotus notes software with anti spam filtering functionality.

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