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Data management, lifecycle management and Email archiving for Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes The CommVault® QiNetix platform was designed to automate management of data by changing the approach from static to dynamic. It combines traditionally separate products for data movement with data management. Built on the proven CommVault Common Technology Engine (CTE) that moves, manages and catalogues data, the QiNetix platform integrates Galaxy backup and recovery, DataMigrator migration and archiving, Quick Recovery high data availability and QNet enterprise data and storage management products into an integrated, automated platform with a global catalogue and index, data movement and management.

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    Previous visitors have searched for information on anti spam lotus notes, lotus notes outlook import and lotus notes fax server. We do collect this information to update our site to your needs. The new XML is used as language for import and export of data. The new XML is used as language for import and export of data.

    Lotus Notes is used by more than 100.000 people world wide. Other e-mail clients are: Pegasus Mail , Horde IMP and Microsoft Entourage and other personal information manager software is: PersonalBrain (Windows) .

    End users may call the lotus notes helpdesk about Lotus Notes spam. There are multiple products with enterprise-class spam filter to protect Lotus Domino from spam, phishing attacks, banking fraud and destructive email viruses. This Lotus Domino anti spam is easy to manage with anti spam lotus notes software with anti spam filtering functionality.

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