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Hexamail Guard

Hexamail Guard

Hexamail Guard ensures SPAM is eliminated at the server level with no need to install and update anti-spam software on each desktop. Unrivalled ease of installation and management of SPAM means you can get back to the important things while Hexamail Guard takes care of the SPAM. Hexamail offers almost complete protection by using the most comprehensive set of antispam features including highly sophisticated Bayesian analysis that learns from your email traffic. Automatic whitelisting and neural-network based email address analysis eliminate false positives. Hexamail Guard also includes a sender verification scheme in the form of a built in challenge/response mechanism which can be engaged if required. By choosing Hexamail you are ensuring you have every possible SPAM blocking technique available to you. http://www.hexamail.com/hexamailguard/

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    Lotus Notes is used by more than 100.000 people world wide. Other e-mail clients are: Mulberry , MH and Denshin 8 go - GUI operation mode and other personal information manager software is: Yahoo! Calendar .

    End users may call the lotus notes helpdesk about Lotus Notes spam. There are multiple products with enterprise-class spam filter to protect Lotus Domino from spam, phishing attacks, banking fraud and destructive email viruses. This Lotus Domino anti spam is easy to manage with anti spam lotus notes software with anti spam filtering functionality.

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