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About - What is Spam?

About - What is Spam?

Spam is the Internet equivalent of junk mail. It is unsolicited advertising messages sent in bulk (often 100s of thousands or millions at a time) across electronic networks. From the University of Arizona: "An inappropriate attempt to use a mailing list, or USENET or other networked communications facility as if it was a broadcast medium by sending the same message to a large number of people who didn't ask for it. Mass junk E-mail."

We've all seen it - clogging our email boxes, clogging message boards, bringing up bogus search results. Most people are worried about the spam that fills their email inbox each day, sometimes overwhelming servers, spreading viruses, or installing spyware on unsuspecting victims computers. That's what we will focus on here.

Anti-Spam Software Solutions. How can I get rid of spam? Most anti spam solutions begin with filtering. Incoming messages are passed through a series of filters or screens, discarding messages from certain senders or domains, or discarding messages not addressed to your exact email address, or deleting messages that contain words like "Viagra". For most home users, software like Spam Agent is a solution that works with MS Outlook, Eudora, and most other POP-based email programs. Another anti-spam program (MailWasher) works at the server level, allowing you to browse messages on your host server, before downloading anything to your PC, thus protecting you from viruses and other nasty spyware that might try to get installed. It has similiar capabilities for scanning and filtering incoming mail, comparing it against a databased of known spam, and automatically removing such junk email messages.

Another technique to block and eliminate spam involves confirming who the email is coming from, and ONLY allowing messages from approved people into your inbox. Qurb uses a system of user authentication like this. Since real spam is sent out by the millions with no human intervention (and usually with fake return addresses), sending back a request for authentication gets no response, and the message is marked as spam and eliminated. However, a real human sender would get the challenge email asking for authentication and reply to it, and then the message will get through to you. This is an effective anti-spam solution, although there is usually some trial and error as you "train" the system. Many people also find that using the free, public email services (Google Mail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, etc.) is a good way to avoid spam. These services process massive volumes of email each day, and quickly recognize incoming spam and delete it from users mailboxes before they even see it. By using "johndoe@yahoo.com" as your email, you will likely see a 90% drop immediately in the amount of spam you were receiving. Anti-spam filtering at the server level like this is something companies can do for themselves internally as well, as discussed below.

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    End users may call the lotus notes helpdesk about Lotus Notes spam. There are multiple products with enterprise-class spam filter to protect Lotus Domino from spam, phishing attacks, banking fraud and destructive email viruses. This Lotus Domino anti spam is easy to manage with anti spam lotus notes software with anti spam filtering functionality.

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