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The Recruitment, Admission, Training And Placement Of French Judges: Reform Of The Ecole Nationale De La Magistrature As An Engine For The Transformation Of French Justice, 1968 To Date

DAVID APPLEBAUM Rowan College of New Jersey - General


    During the period from 1968 through 1981 members of the Syndicat de la Magistrature (founded on June 8, 1968) developed a critique of French judicial education. They published two books and wrote extensive articles about the need to reform the training system created in 1958 by Michel Debri. This paper elaborates upon their vision of the interplay between professional education and the possibility for transforming justice. Topics developed include recruitment plans, admissions policies, assessment and evaluation, exit examinations and lifelong learning. Challenges to the status quo, from student participation in the governance of the Ecole Nationale de la Magistraturet, to creating fiscal autonomy from the centralized state and to the design of participatory pedagogical practices, e.g; simulations, role playing, and collaborative research are described and analyzed in terms of achieving union goals. Namely, the reform of education as the a priori requirement for other actions that would result in a justice of proximity and transparency which they regarded as crucial for insuring that justice would be an anchor for democratic principles and practices.
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