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Articles on Anti Spam

  • An Economic Analysis of Spam Law
  • An Empirical Study of the Patent Prospect Theory: An Evaluation of Antispam Patents
  • An Introduction to the Parasite Economy
  • CaseNote, Intel v. Hamidi: Deconstruction of a Private Right of Action in California
  • Cyber Security: Of Heterogeneity and Autarky
  • Digital Realism and the Governance of Spam as Cybercrime
  • E-Commerce at What Price? Privacy Protection in the Information Economy
  • Enforced Standards Versus Evolution by General Acceptance: A Comparative Study of E-Commerce Privacy Disclosure and Practice in the U.S. and the U.K.
  • Home is where the Internet Connection is: Law, Spam and the Protection of Personal Space
  • Is Privacy Regulation the Environmental Law of the Information Age?
  • Marketing Privacy: A Solution for the Blight of Telemarketing (and Spam and Junk Mail)
  • Markets for Attention: Will Postage for Email Help?
  • Mitigating the Tragedy of the Digital Commons: The Problem of Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail
  • Preemption of State Spam Laws by the Federal CAN-SPAM Act
  • Principles and Regulations about Online Privacy: 'Implementation Divide' and Misunderstandings in the European Union
  • Shaping Code
  • Spam Legislation in Canada: Federalism, Freedom of Expression and the Regulation of the Internet
  • Spam Revisited
  • Tagging and Why it Matters
  • Technical and Legal Approaches to Unsolicited Electronic Mail
  • The Ethics of Conducting E-Mail Surveys
  • The Impact of Firms' Increased Information about Consumers on the Volume and Targeting of Direct Marketing
  • With A Grain of Salt: What Consumer Privacy Surveys Don't Tell Us

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