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Book Reviews

Karlson, Stephen, Paul, Darel E., Luger, Michael I., Fan, C. Cindy, Görg, Holger, Cervero, Robert, Vigdor, Jacob L., Mantell, Nancy, Schaeffer, Peter V., Deller, Steven, Lowry, James D., Armstrong, Carol S., Herrschel, Tassilo and Deng, F. Frederic Frederic, "Book Reviews" . Journal of Regional Science, Vol. 45, No. 3, pp. 617-651, August 2005 Available at SSRN:


    Books reviewed:

    Meric S. Gertler. Manufacturing Culture: The Institutional Geography of Industrial Practice

    Jamie Peck and Henry Waichung Yeung. Remaking the Global Economy: Economic-Geographical Perspectives

    Ake E. Andersson, Borje Johansson, and William P. Anderson. The Economics of Disappearing Distance

    Priscilla Pue Ho Chu. The Making of Women Entrepreneurs in Hong Kong

    Jean-Louis Mucchielli and Thierry Mayer. Multinational Firms' Location and the New Economic Geography

    Anthony Downs. Still Struck in Traffic: Coping with Peak-Hour Traffic Congestion

    Anthony Downs. Growth Management and Affordable Housing: Do They Conflict

    Yasuhide Okuyama and Stephanie E. Chang. Modeling Spatial and Economic Impacts of Disasters

    Tony Champion and Graeme Hugo. New Forms of Urbanization: Beyond the Urban-Rural Dichotomy

    Joseph Persky, Daniel Felsenstein, and Virginia Carlson. Does "Trickle Down" Work? Economic Development Strategies and Job Chains in Local Labor Markets

    Sherry L. Smith. The Future of the Southern Plains

    Doryane KermelTorres et al. Atlas of Thailand: Spatial Structures and Development

    Gyorgy Enyedi and Istvan Tozsa. The Region: Regional Development, Policy, Administration and E-Government

    Heinz G. Preusse. The New American Regionalism

    Yueman Yeung and Shen Jianfa. Developing China's West: A Critical Path to Balanced National Development

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