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Articles on Microsoft

  • A Commentary on 'Is Microsoft a Monopolist?'
  • A Fool's Paradise: The Windows World After a Forced Breakup of Microsoft
  • An Economist's Guide to U.S. v Microsoft
  • Antitrust and Innovative Industries
  • Coattail Class Actions: Reflections on Microsoft, Tobacco, and the Mixing of Public and Private Lawyering in Mass Litigation
  • Collective Representation Among High-Tech Workers at Microsoft and Beyond: Lessons from WashTech/CWA
  • Did Microsoft Deter Software Innovation?
  • Do Microsoft Acquisitions Benefit the Computer Industry?
  • DOS Kapital: Has Antitrust Action Against Microsoft Created Value in the Computer Industry?
  • Economic Theories of Bundling and their Policy Implications in Abuse Cases: An Assessment in Light of the Microsoft Case
  • Employee Stock Options at Microsoft Corporation
  • Evaluating Product Integration: Lessons from U.S. v Microsoft
  • Microsoft's OEM Licensing Agreements: Theory and Evidence on the Sale of MS-DOS and Windows
  • Microsoft and Trinko: A Tale of Two Courts
  • Microsoft Plays Hardball: The Use of Exclusionary Pricing and Technical Incompatibility to Maintain Monopoly Power in Markets for Operating System Software
  • Microsoft, Time Warner amd the Perils of Worker Misclassification
  • Misconceptions, Misdirection and Mistakes
  • Preserving Monopoly: Economic Analysis, Legal Standards And Microsoft
  • Pursuing a Remedy in Microsoft: The Declining Need for Centralized Coordination in a Networked World
  • Re-thinking U.S. v. Microsoft in Light of the E.C. Case
  • Remedies Brief of Amici Curiae
  • Seven Management Lessons from Microsoft
  • The Case Against Microsoft: An Ethical Perspective
  • The Economics of the Microsoft Case
  • The European Commission's Case Against Microsoft: Fool Monti Kills Bill?
  • The IBM and Microsoft Cases: What's the Difference?
  • The Legacy of U.S. v. Microsoft
  • The Microsoft Antitrust Case
  • The Microsoft Case
  • The Microsoft Case
  • The Microsoft Case
  • The Overlooked Corporate Finance Problems of a Microsoft Breakup
  • The Package Deal and Microsoft
  • The Right Remedy
  • The Un-Microsoft Un-Remedy: Law Can Prevent the Problem it Can't Patch
  • Truth or Consequences: An Analysis of Vaporware and New Product Announcements
  • Unbundling Scope-of-Permission Goods: When Should We Invest in Reducing Entry Barriers?
  • United States v. Microsoft: An Economic Analysis
  • U.S. v. Microsoft: Did Consumers Win?
  • U.S. v. Microsoft: Did Consumers Win?
  • U.S. v. Microsoft: Is the Proposed Settlement in the Public Interest?
  • Will the California Supreme Court Solve the Distortion Riddle in Microsoft Corp. v. Franchise Tax Board?

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