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General Motors: Valuation of Class E Contingent Notes

Eades, Kenneth M. and Hinckley, Anne L., "General Motors: Valuation of Class E Contingent Notes" . Darden Case No.: UVA-F-0930-SSRN. Available at SSRN:


    CASE SETTING: 1989; $110 billion; automotive; New York City

    As the maturity date for General Motors' Class E contingent notes approaches, the GM treasury staff must estimate the potential impact of the liability on corporate cash flows. The student is asked to value the contingent notes and express the value in terms of the cash flows GM might have to pay. The primary objective of the case is for students to draw the parallel between the determinants of value for exchange-traded options and for such nontraded options as contingent notes. A student Lotus worksheet file is available on a computer diskette for use with this case.

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