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A Simulation Model for Financial Programming

Barth, Richard and Chadha, Bankim, "A Simulation Model for Financial Programming" (March 27, 1989). IMF Working Paper No. 89/24 Available at SSRN:


    This paper describes a simulation model that can serve as a basis for a developing country growth-oriented adjustment program. The model has been designed to provide explicit links between fiscal, monetary and exchange rate policies and major macroeconomic variables. While the model is applied to and solved for the case of Turkey, its simplicity and flexibility make it sufficiently general to be applicable to a wide range of countries. The model integrates demand-determined output with a supply side that responds to policies which affect investment and it allows the relative shares of domestic and foreign factors of production to be determined by their relative prices. The model is solved using Lotus 1-2-3, software that is familiar to Fund economists and which allows the user to quickly evaluate alternative assumptions and policies. JEL Classifications: 132, 212 Working Paper Series Suggested Citation Barth, Richard and Chadha, Bankim, "A Simulation Model for Financial Programming" (March 27, 1989). IMF Working Paper No. 89/24 Available at SSRN: http://ssrn.com/abstract=884662 Contact Information for RICHARD BARTH (Contact Author) (No e-mail address available for RICHARD BARTH Affiliation Unknown No Address Available United States Contact Information for BANKIM CHADHA (No e-mail address available for BANKIM CHADHA Affiliation Unknown No Address Available United States SSRN Electronic Paper Collection Download the document from: Social Science Research Network [IMAGE] Stanford Law School [IMAGE] European Corporate Governance Institute [IMAGE] Korea University [IMAGE] Email Abstract orFull Text Paper [IMAGE] Add toMy Briefcase [IMAGE] If you are experiencing download difficulties, click here. Are you still having problems or need additional help? Contact us at Support@SSRN.Com. Format Type Number of Downloads Date Posted File Size File name Acrobat File 5 Feb 15, 2006 7119K WPIEA0241989C.pdf [IMAGE] Adobe Acrobat Reader v4.05 or Adobe Acrobat 4.0.5 or greater is required to view this paper. To obtain your free copy, click on the Acrobat button SSRN Resources To search for other abstracts in the SSRN archival database, click here. To order a membership to an SSRN Network or to subscribe to one or more of SSRN's journals, go to our online subscription request form. To go to SSRN's main web site (www.ssrn.com), click here.
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