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A Proposal For Electronic Transactions Tax Collection (ETCC) In The Context Of Tax-Driven Reform Of Banking Laws

DUNCAN BENTLEY Bond University School of Law PATRICK QUIRK


    This paper is concerned with the interface between banking, electronic commerce, and taxation. The heavy regulation of financial institutions means that they are the ideal intermediaries for governments to use in the revenue collection and administration process.

    This paper outlines a proposal for the implementation of Electronic Transactions Tax Collection (ETTC) that aims to protect the integrity of the banking system, fit within the framework of proposed financial sector regulation, have a minimal impact on legitimate electronic commerce, and assist governments in efficient revenue collection.

    The model we propose is collection of tax on electronic trade transactions where the transactions involve the transfer of funds. Electronic Money Providers (EMPs) would be required to extend their encryption programs to include a micro-version of an ETTC program.

    The paper suggests national and international steps for implementation of ETCC from an Australian perspective.

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