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Articles on Encryption

  • A Model for When Disclosure Helps Security: What is Different About Computer and Network Security?
  • A Proposal For Electronic Transactions Tax Collection (ETCC) In The Context Of Tax-Driven Reform Of Banking Laws
  • A Real-time Intrusion Prevention System for Commercial Enterprise Databases
  • Code as Speech
  • Creating A Subpoena-Proof Diary: A Technological Solution to A Legal Problem
  • Crime-Facilitating Speech
  • Critical Information Studies: A Bibliographic Manifesto
  • Cryptography and Liberty: `Can the Trusted Third Parties be Trusted?: A Critique of the Recent UK Proposals'
  • Database Encryption - How to Balance Security with Performance
  • Digital Rights Management and the Pricing of Digital Products
  • Digital Rights Management and the Pricing of Digital Products
  • Economic Analysis of Technological Protection Measures
  • Encryption Source Code and the First Amendment
  • Free Speech on the Internet: Beyond 'Indecency'
  • Governance of Global Networks in the Light of Differing Local Values
  • Intergenerational Justice Between Authors in the Digital Age
  • Missing the Starting Gun. Entry Timing Decisions into New Market Niches
  • Net Regulation: Taking Stock and Looking Forward
  • Privacy and Consequences: Legal And Policy Structures For Implementing New Counter-Terrorism Technologies And Protecting Civil Liberty
  • Professionalization in Action: Accountants' Attempt at Building a Network of Support for the Webstrust E-Commerce Seal of Assurance
  • Providing Database Encryption as a Scalable Enterprise Infrastructure Service
  • Remote Control: The Rise of Electronic Cultural Policy
  • Section 1201 and Copyright Law
  • Securing Enterprise Databases - Protecting Against External and Internal Threats
  • Shaping Code
  • Standardizing Government Standard-Setting Policy for Electronic Commerce
  • The Death of Copyright: Digital Technology, Private Copying, and the DMCA
  • Transparent Encryption and Separation of Duties for Enterprise Databases -A Solution for Field Level Privacy in Databases
  • Trouble with Prime Numbers: DeCSS, DVD and the Protection of Proprietary Encryption Tools
  • UK Government Policy on Encryption
  • When Efforts to Conceal May Actually Reveal: Re-Drawing the Constitutional Line Between the First Amendment and Copyright for Authors of Computer Software

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