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A New Database on Investment and Capital for Agriculture and Manufacturing

Crego, Al, Larson, Donald F. F., Butzer, Rita Christine and Mundlak, Yair, "A New Database on Investment and Capital for Agriculture and Manufacturing" (November 1998). World Bank Policy Research Working Paper No. 2013. Available at SSRN:


    Documentation for a new cross-country database on agricultural investment and capital, along with compatible measures for manufacturing and aggregate investment and capital.

    In this paper, Crego, Larson, Butzer, and Mundlak document a new database on sectoral investment and capital, providing details about sources of investment data and the method used to convert those data series into capital stock series. They also provide a copy of the computer program used to implement the method. The data set is available for electronic distribution and will soon be posted on the World Wide Web.

    They broadly define agricultural capital and calculate separate series for fixed capital as well as capital embodied in livestock and treestock.

    This data set - a product of Rural Development, Development Research Group - was developed as part of a larger study of the determinants of agricultural growth. This paper was designed as a reference that the authors hope will encourage others to make use of the data and expand its content. Companion papers by the authors discuss alternative methods and discuss the connection between capital accumulation and growth. The study was funded by the Bank's Research Support Budget under the research project Total Investment, Agricultural Investment, and Investment in Manufacturing (RPO 680-50). Donald Larson may be contacted at dlarson@worldbank.org.

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