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Articles on Databases

  • A 'Research' Database on Infrastructure Economic Performance
  • A Global Database of Domestic and International Tourist Numbers at National and Subnational Level
  • A New Database on Financial Development and Structure
  • A New Database on Investment and Capital for Agriculture and Manufacturing
  • A New Historical Database For The NYSE 1815 To 1925: Performance And Predictability
  • An Integrated Tariff Analysis System: Software and Database
  • Cartel Overcharges: Survey and Meta-Analysis
  • Coding and Consent: Moral Challenges of the Database Project in Iceland
  • Competing Technologies in the Database Management Systems Market
  • Constitutional Bounds of Database Protection: The Role of Judicial Review in the Creation and Definition of Private Rights in Information
  • Database Encryption - How to Balance Security with Performance
  • Differences in Commercial Database Reported Earnings: Implications for Empirical Research
  • Global Antidumping Database Version 1.0
  • Impact of Software Vulnerability Announcements on the Market Value of Software Vendors - An Empirical Investigation
  • IPOs, Acquisitions and the Use of Convertible Securities in Venture Capital
  • Managed Care Discounting: Evidence from the MarketScan Database
  • New BLS Longitudinal Database
  • Parallel On-the-Fly Reading of an Entire Database Copy
  • Political Economies of Harmonization: Database Protection and Information Patents
  • Providing Database Encryption as a Scalable Enterprise Infrastructure Service
  • Putting Biology into TRIZ: A Database of Biological Effects
  • Small and Medium Enterprises across the Globe: A New Database
  • The Economic Value of Corporate Eco-Efficiency

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