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Exemplifying Business Opportunities for Improving Data Quality from Corporate Household Research

Madnick, Stuart E., Wang, Richard Y., Chettayar, Krishna, Dravis, Frank, Funk, James, Katz-Haas, Ra´ssa, Lee, Cindy, Lee, Yang, Xian, Xiang and Bhansali, Sumit, "Exemplifying Business Opportunities for Improving Data Quality from Corporate Household Research" (February 2004). MIT Sloan Working Paper No. 4481-04; CISL Working Paper No. 2004-03. Available at SSRN:


    Corporate household (CHH) refers to the organizational information about the structure within the corporation and a variety of inter-organizational relationships. Knowledge derived from this data is becoming increasingly important for improving data quality in applications, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), risk management, and sales and market promotion. Extending the concepts from our previous CHH research, we exemplify in this paper the importance of improved corporate household knowledge and processing in various business application areas. Additionally, we provide examples of CHH business rules that are often implicit and fragmented - understood and practiced by different domain experts across functional areas of the firm. This paper is intended to form a foundation for further research to systematically investigate, capture, and build a body of corporate householding knowledge across diverse business applications.
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