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  • Asymmetric Information and the Role of the Underwriter, the Prospectus and the Analysts in Underpricing of IPOs: The Italian Case
  • Banks' Advantage in Hedging Liquidity Risk: Theory and Evidence from the Commercial Paper Market
  • Can Functional Constituencies Co-exist with Universal Suffrage?
  • Choice Drivers in e-Services: Insights from e-Financial Services Industry
  • Democracy Without a Net? Separation of Powers and the Idea of Self-Sustaining Constitutional Constraints on Undemocratic Behavior
  • Economic Impacts of a Premature Nuclear Phase-out in Switzerland
  • Employment Insurance in Canada: Recent Trends and Policy Changes
  • Global Standards and Emerging Markets: The Institutional Investment Value Chain and CalPERS' Investment Strategy
  • How do Banks Manage Liquidity Risk? Evidence from Equity and Deposit Markets in the Fall of 1998
  • How Strongly SHOULD We Protect and Enforce International Law?
  • Integrated Environmental Study for Beach Management: A Methodological Approach
  • Less Law, but More Justice?: Jury Trials and Mediation as Means of Resolving Will Contests
  • Life Cycle of Captive Business Process Outsourcing Units
  • Parallel On-the-Fly Reading of an Entire Database Copy
  • Proposition 13 - Even More Protection Than What We Thought
  • Reorganizing Two-Tier Local Government for Regional Assemblies
  • Show Me the Money: The Dominance of Wealth in Determining Rights Performance in Asia
  • The Capital Structure of Insurers: Theory and Evidence
  • The Economics of the 'Arc of Instability'
  • The New Frontier of Constitutional Confession Law - The International Arena: Exploring the Admissibility of Confessions Taken by U.S. Investigators from Non-Americans Abroad
  • Top Indian Incomes, 1922-2000
  • Top Indian Incomes, 1956-2000
  • What to Do about FLP Plans - Abraham, Hillgren and More!

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